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The Power of Community

Updated: May 15, 2020

One of the perks of being a yoga teacher is building community. We are alone, self isolated and stuck at home. Keeping a community network is key for our mental health and will support us during these times.

Having taught for over 15 years I have built community through my classes in Washington State, California, Mexico, at my home and now online. Picture from Meditation Mount, CA.

Committing to a scheduled class brings consistency and helps during the COVID19. Exercise, breathing and spirituality are helping me to keep balance and positive thinking in body, mind, and spirit"- Peggy
"I am very happy and grateful to be doing this five days a week with you. Especially in these trying times I feel much happier! ” - Linda

We all need encouragement to get us through these challenging times. To gather every morning has been a gift for me as a teacher and I can see my students are more grounded and less anxious than those that aren't doing mindfulness practices. I am currently offering these by donation to help support those that are unemployed, and students who would normally go to the gym are enjoying the routine and encouragement to keep them motivated.

Come join our zoom group and experience for yourself!

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