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Taran Collis, C-IAYT, AWC,  is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Ayurveda Wellness Counselor and is currently on faculty for Essential Yoga Therapy as a teacher trainer in Ayurveda. Taran infuses evidence based Yoga Therapy practices, multi-cultural wellness tools, and the science of Ayurveda with the spiritual and psychological facets of yoga that support the health of body, mind and spirit . This holistic approach to self-care and healing honors the micro/macro connection to nature supporting lifestyle, diet, and sleep which helps return the system to homeostasis. Taran has studied the latest in physiology, breath and respiratory health, and offers wellness tools for trauma and post traumatic growth. She currently offers in-person and zoom group classes, private consultations, and retreats to help bring resiliency and joy into our community and the world. 

Taran meditating

Empowering Innate Wisdom & Healing Power Within Each Individual

As a Yoga Therapist, Taran weaves the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern science to address optimal health for each individual. She is currently on faculty for Essential Yoga Therapy Teacher Training teaching Ayurveda to Yoga teachers.  She works privately with individuals and offers group classes and workshops.

Namaste pose

My Story

As a child I was raised holistically, learning from a young age natural alternatives to western medicine. When I was 7 my parents took me and my elder sister out of school traveling around the world, visiting monasteries, and showing us the wonders of different cultures. Staying in villages and becoming infused into these cultures at such a young age truly taught me Namasté, this deep sacred connection with each other and nature.  

As an adult I have researched the most current and most effective practices for wellness and preventative health. These include the latest in respiratory health, physiology, trauma informed care, Yoga Therapy, Viniyoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda and multi-cultural wellness tools from Capacitar International.  

I look forward to hearing your story and working with you.


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