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Group Classes and Private Sessions Available

,Monday -Friday 9 - 10AM

live online classes

Suitable for all fitness levels (even in a chair). All classes include modifications for injuries and personal adaptations for those with health concerns. All provide stress management focus on gentle movement and wellness tools.
All classes focus on immune and respiratory health through different techniques.

Mondays: Stress Mangement

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: no class

Thursday: Yoga 

Friday: Stress Management



by appointment

Private Group Class - currently via Zoom

A custom session for friends, families or co-workers. Private group classes can be customized as a work retreat for staff members wanting to learn stress management and team building techniques or it can be a virtual gathering of people built to suit the needs of people with the same therapeutic issues (i.e yoga for pain relief or anxiety)

Health and Wellness Education and 

Kids Yoga available upon request.

Price Varies


by appointment

Private consultations

These one-on-one sessions address your personal health challenges.

Whether recovering from an injury, experiencing anxiety and depression, or wanting to learn immune-building techniques. These 2-hour sessions with Taran include a comprehensive health history, postural assessment, personalized home practice and digestive and dietary needs to support your health. 60 minute follow-up  sessions suggested or as needed.

2hr consultation: $75-$125

4-Session package: $225

(includes consultation)

Sliding scale available

  • Build your immune system and respiratory health

  • Balance your unique constitution with lifestyle changes

  • Learn stress management techniques

  • Help reduce Anxiety and Depression

  • Improve vitality and health through functional breathing

  • Return your system to homeostasis to help balance PH and decrease inflammation

  • Improve sleep and digestion



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