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This 5 day cleanse box provides everything you need for a gentle 1-5 day Ayurvedic cleanse. Many cultures encourage a gentle seasonal cleanse to aid in detoxification, improve digestion and increase vitality. In Ayurveda Kitchari is a gentle complete protein meal that can be served warm with stewed fruits for breakfast or with your favorite vegetables for a savory dish. This box is designed for our busy lifestyle with everything included except your fruit and veggies. Handouts and recipes provided. A tridoshic box (balancing for all body types) will be sent unless dosha requested. (consultation recommended prior to cleanse).

Box Includes:

  • Organic Kitchari bean and rice blend
  • Organic Ghee
  • Organic Spice mix
  • Organic CCF tea (cumin, corriander, fennel)
  • Tongue scraper
  • Silk glove
  • Daily massage oil- locally made in Santa Barbara
  • Nasya oil - locally made in Santa Barbara
  • Gentle yoga handout to aid in detoxification

5 Day Cleanse Box

  • Please notify Taran directly for any shipping details. These are custom made for each indvidual. Extra samples and love included to support your wellness goals. Please provie minimum 1 week to receive order.

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